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From Underdog to Market Leader: The 1937 Group's Rapid Rise in the Cannabis Sector

Marking the next phase of their strategic expansion plan, The 1937 Group announces the launch of six dispensaries in key Illinois locations.

CHICAGO, Feb. 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The 1937 Group has quickly become a trailblazer in the cannabis industry in Illinois and beyond. Their multiple brands and products have established a sustainable presence and sizeable footprint in the marketplace, penetrating over 90% of Illinois dispensaries since May 2023. In the immediate future, The 1937 Group's expansion plan includes opening dispensaries in Fox Lake, Forest Park, Brookfield, Woodridge, Evergreen Park, and Glenwood, all within the first half of 2024. The retail expansion reflects The 1937 Group's dedication to destigmatizing the plant while pioneering a socially responsible industry. As a vertically integrated operator, they can expand into different product categories within Illinois and eventually into other markets nationwide.

"We've strategically established a solid footprint in the market," explains Alex Al-Sabah, Chief Strategy Officer, "we are excited about new investment and partnership opportunities in Illinois and other markets we plan on entering."

Since opening their Craft Grow facility, "1937 Cultivation," their impressive track record of growth includes opening a first-of-its-kind cannabis complex in Tilton, IL, which truly shows their commitment to innovation. The complex includes Parkway Dispensary and Molly's Joint Consumption Lounge which, since opening in September 2023, has seen average daily sales double over the last three months. People from surrounding areas can enjoy a seamless purchasing experience at the dispensary and an opportunity to frequent the consumption lounge. They can then choose from relaxing in the indoor/outdoor event space, hanging with friends in the gaming lounge, and if they get the munchies, they can relish the full restaurant and bar - all under one roof. 

"While we've made a lot of progress and overcome many challenges getting to this point, we know there's more to come and are also committed to bringing our Communities with us along the way. Our work is the work of the people who were plagued by the "War On Drugs" and those who have been excluded from the legal cannabis industry," shares Sonia Antolec, Chief Legal and People Officer of The 1937 Group.

Seeded in creating opportunities in education, employment, and empowering members of marginalized communities and those affected by the War on Drugs, The 1937 Group has also established a not-for-profit organization tackling mental health in minority communities.

"We do not see the cannabis plant as a commodity. We see it as an opportunity to help others enter the industry and flourish in the areas they shine the brightest. Our values dictate our actions and that is evident across multiple industries, including cannabis, music, art, fashion, sports, and more." stated CEO Ambrose Jackson.

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