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Our Brands

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The 1937 Group provides a highly curated House of Brands courtesy of KVL International. KVL International is the leading cannabis brand management, marketing, and event production company founded in Chicago, IL. 

On the Shelf



The original cannabis aficionados. Based out of Los. Angeles, we have been blessed with access to the highest quality cannabis in the country. While we started creating cannabis products in 2014, we have been consuming them for much longer. We are a team of passionate stoners and borderline weed-snobs who strive to share the gift of cannabis with everyone we meet.

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Lobo Is a luxury cannagar and premium pre-roll brand operating in the regulated cannabis and national hemp markets. We source the highest quality flower and create hand-crafted cannabis experiences.



Canna Bella Lux, a proudly Latina-owned brand, is a beacon of empowerment, wellness, and wisdom. Our mission, deeply rooted in our commitment to the cultivation of W.E.E.D (Women, Empowerment, Equality, and Diversity), extends nationwide. We foster personal and professional connections through our vibrant blog, curated retail experiences, transformative events, empowering lifestyle, and our ever-growing community.

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Accessible, affordable, and abundant, Old Pal’s vision is simple: It’s just weed, man. Old Pal is an ode to simpler times, when weed was just weed and joints were passed around to old pals and new ones. When neighbors knew each other by name and community meant something. So grab a bag of Old Pal and pass it around. It’s time we took care of each other.

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As a global curator of the cannabis culture, Sherbinksis is the originator of the world famous Gelato & Sunset Sherbert strains. In addition to being a pioneer within the cannabis industry, Sherbinskis is known for its significant collaborations within the industries of music, art, and fashion. The 1937 Group believes in longevity, innovation, and building relationships with those that share our values. As such, we are pleased to be the exclusive partner for the Sherbinskis brand, genetics, and products in Illinois. 

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Kush League is a like-minded community of people of all genders, ages, and races; uniting sports, wellness and culture through cannabis. Our mission is to promote cannabis as an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe by highlighting the benefits that cannabis can provide will help to shift the negative stigma that surrounds cannabis and athletics. 



Potli was founded by Felicity Chen, a third-generation sauce and spice maker and launched Potli to promote healthy living. Potli expands upon Felicity’s heritage and passion for functional ingredients by creating high-quality, craftsman kitchen staples for everyday use. Potli has been featured in Forbes, Vanity Fair, Elle & Rachel Ray just to name a few featured publications.

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Sticky Leafs is a premium natural tobacco leaf used for smokers by smokers. Buying a pack of premade cigars and breaking them down for the use of rolling cannabis is not only a waste of raw material inputs, it takes more time. Thus, Sticky Leafs was created. Sticky Leafs is currently in 4 states and growing.

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TerpKings is a fun craft cannabis brand focusing on eliminating the incorrect stigma that higher THC is equivalent to quality cannabis. Terpkings focuses on cultivating strains that have been pheno hunted to obtain the best terpene profiles, which include but are not limited to high testing terpenes and unique terpene aromas and tastes.

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