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The 1937 Group has an unparalleled catalog of brand and products,

representing both locally grown and manufactured craft cannabis products

to nationally recognized brands that are leaders in their respective categories.

When you purchase The 1937 Group products,

you are directly supporting diversity and inclusion in the cannabis industry.


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Bloom Vape - Classic Strains

The Classic Collection consists of 11 strains that highlight the compounds and terpenes that make up each strain. Characterized by bold, often fruity flavors, each terpene profile is replicated based on a fingerprint of the original strain.


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Bloom Vape - Live Strains

The Live Collection is crafted with live terpenes extracted within the first hour following harvest, preserving up to 95% of the terpene profile and up to ~200 terpenes, including highly delicate monoterpenes that help give each strain its character and complexity.

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How's Your Head - 3.5g Sativa Flower

Beyond the heady high, this name goes deeper. It nudges us to check on friends' well-being, echoing a phrase often unsaid. Let's foster meaningful connections, supporting each other's paths. Elevate minds and bonds – reach out and let vibes flow!

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Equal Pay - 3.5g Hybrid Flower

With a nod to the phrase that echoes our demand for what's rightfully ours, this strain's name reminds us to persist in our fight for equality and equitable treatment. So, as we savor the perfect balance of effects, let's keep pushing for balance in every aspect of our lives.

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My Body My Choice - 3.5g Indica Flower

This strain carries a profound message along with its deeply relaxing terpene profile. It's a celebration of our autonomy – whether it's indulging in a body-energizing morning, embracing the delights of cannabis, or surrendering to a cloud-like bubble bath for much-needed self-care.

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Lobo Presidente - 2g Glass-Tip Blunt

You don’t have to be a famous hip hop star to have your own professional blunt roller! Starting with premium indoor flower, coarsely ground for flavor and burn, the Presidente is rolled by hand using a hemp paper wrap. Finished with a reusable glass tip, this is one strong smoke. 

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Lobo Bold - 1g Glass-Tip Blunt

The Lobo Bold hemp paper blunt is a quintessential modern luxury. Starting with premium indoor flower, coarsely ground for maximum flavor and burn time, the Bold is rolled by hand into a thick hemp paper wrap. Finished with a reusable glass tip, this is one strong smoke. 

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Lobo Minis - 0.5g Pre-Rolls (7-pack)

7 small joints rolled with premium indoor flower just for you. One for each day of the week, or one for you and one for everyone in your gang. Each box comes packaged with its own humidor pack to ensure a perfect cure and a smooth burn.

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Old Pal - 14g Ground Flower

Old Pal flower is as classic as it gets. Available in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, we keep it simple, like buying weed from back in the day. Our Ready to Roll resealable pouches include whole, pre-ground flower, unbleached hemp rolling papers, and crutches.

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Old Pal - 0.5g Pre-Rolls (14 pack)

The Old Pal half-gram pre-rolls you love, now in a 14 pack. Filled with high-quality cannabis and perfectly wrapped for optimal smoking consistency. Available in hybrid, sativa, or indica, thereʼs a style for all your moods.

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Old Pal - 0.5g Pre-Rolls (2 pack)

We believe sharing is caring, so we threw two pre-rolls into our convenient doob tubes. Toke one for yourself, give the other to your pal, and let’s all enjoy the wonders of premium indoor cannabis together.

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